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Feeds – Brutal Tops


Pathetic Sub Humiliated
At BrutalTops - Pathetic Sub Humiliated
This pathetic sub returns to be further humiliated by the snarling schoolboys Masters Lucas and Edward. These lads have been winding each other up and now there’s no stopping their twisted desires being played out on the sub’s helpless body…

Master Jack Mistreats Worm Elliott
Brutal Top - Master Jack Mistreats Worm Elliott
Brutal Top’s most handsome top, Master Jack, returns to complete his vicious mistreatment of sniveling worm elliott. The naked sub finds the Master dressed as a school-boy sat in a toilet next to a stinking urinal. Jack is in a particularly sadistic mood…

Total Control of Weak Little Runt
BrutalTops - Total Control of Weak Little Runt
Snarling psychotic schoolboy Edward returns to team up with his new best mate Master Lucas to dish out severe punishment to this feeble worm-like sub. He is stripped naked by the two school lads and ordered to lick clean first their shoes…

Muscled Master Jaime Mistreats Pathetic Sub
Brutal Tops - Muscled Master Jaime Mistreats Pathetic Sub
Vicious, muscled Master Jaime returns to complete his humiliating mistreatment of this pathetic sub. The squirming runt is alone, naked on his knees and awaiting the brutality which is about to be meted out to him…

To Humiliate and Damage the Pathetic New Sub
Brutal Tops - To Humiliate and Damage the Pathetic New Sub
The snarling, vicious Masters find the sub completely nude and squirming on the floor. They proceed to tie up the runt with ropes and thrash him with a belt before ordering him to lick clean their sweaty feet…

Mistreating Pathetic Sub Peter
BrutalTops - Mistreating Pathetic Sub Peter
Stripped to the waist, masculine Master Jurgis appears along with psychotic schoolboy Lucas to continue mistreating pathetic sub Peter. The two Masters order the sub to lick clean their stinking armpits and…

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