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Naked Guys Selfies
Naked Guy Selfie
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Feeds – Clothed Male Nude Male (CMNM)

Taking Control of Homophobic Julian
CMNM - Taking Control of Homophobic Julian
Having got a promising glimpse of office manager Julian’s body in the dirty pics his colleagues found on his phone, they are thrilled to take control of him and get a full feel of his body now that he’s completely naked…

MMA Fighter Dale
CMNM - MMA Fighter Dale
Sweaty and on a high from winning the world championships, MMA fighter Dale and his manager celebrate in the grimy locker room. But their euphoria is cut short when two suited officials arrive with his pre-match test results…

Taking Advantage of Hot-Bodied Prick Julian
CMNM - Taking Advantage of Hot-Bodied Prick Julian
Julian takes office lunch breaks that last all afternoon long so he can fuck the boss’ wife and build his body up at the gym. Meanwhile he gets his colleagues to do his work and accepts all the credit for it when he returns…

Masculine Enrico’s Arsehole Penetrated
CMNM - Masculine Enrico's Arsehole Penetrated
Enrico’s precious masculine pride gets a bruising as his arsehole opened for the first time. The men take turns sliding their fingers up his arse while Enrico grits his teeth and swears furiously at his captors. His g-spot is stimulated causing his thick cock to…

Shaming Proud Masculine Yuris
CMNM - Shaming Proud Masculine Yuris
Yuris has been used like a slut by the men at the Home Office and now stands naked between them. He’s overwhelmed by shame about what’s happened to him and this grows even more intense as the men seize his cock and insistently wank…

Humiliating Tight Muscular Enrico
CMNM.net - Humiliating Tight Muscular Enrico
Enrico is disgusted that the men’s insistent stroking has caused him to grow a hard on. His humiliation is amplified even more when they spin him around and wrench apart his tight muscular buttocks. The men stroke his rubbery sphincter and…

Enrico Stripped and Humiliated for Bad Debts
CMNM - Enrico in Stripped and Humiliated for his Bad Debts
Tempers ride high when Enrico comes upon the men seizing his business equipment. Maybe if Enrico spent more time in business school rather than the gym he’d be smart enough not to get himself into such bad debt. The sly men strip him off…

Tarquin’s Physical Examination
CMNM - Tarquin's Physical Examination
Raised under strict protective care in his wealthy family, Tarquin was always taught his body is a temple. No one has been allowed to see this pristine boy fully exposed until now. The authoritative figures…

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