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Naked Guys Selfies
Naked Guy Selfie
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Feeds – The Casting Room

Oli Auditions for Porn
The Casting Room - Oli Auditions for Porn
Oli is a scrappy guy with a kink for outdoor sex and enjoys a physical fight. He gets the same sense of sexual excitement from the danger of getting off with someone in a public place as he does with grappling with someone till they’re…

Straight Guy Mike Auditions for Porn
The Casting Room - Straight Guy Mike Auditions for Porn
Mike is a horny guy who has been wanting to fuck on film for years, but we’re the first legitimate company he’s found. Lucky us! He shows a cheeky amount of bravado when he strips, but you can see that he’s still nervous stripping on camera…

Jujitsu Fighter Auditions for Porn
TheCastingRoom - Jujitsu Fighter Audition's for Porn
Shane is a skilled jujitsu fighter and fit personal trainer. He’s very experienced in the industry. That’s made him an extremely confident, easy-going straight man. He’s willing to do almost anything because he gets off on…

Casting Fit Builder Joseph
The Casting Room -  Casting Fit Builder Joseph
Joseph is a builder by trade and naturally fit from his day job. He’s surrounded by burly men who speak candidly about sex. He’s just the right age to have experience and also a banging body. At night he wanks whilst watching…

Hot Straight Guy Thierry
TheCastingRoom - Hot Straight Guy Thierry
Ever known one of those hot straight guys who are so cool and confident you want to follow him home to secretly sniff his pants? Thierry is a sexy Frenchman who is motorcyclist with piercing blue eyes, trimmed beard and massive fucking balls…

Innocent-Looking Owen
The Casting Room - Innocent-Looking Owen
Owen wants to get into porn for the exhibitionist fun of doing raunchy things on video and exploring his sexual boundaries. It’s horny watching him present his naked body while catching a mischievous glint in his eye where he’s…

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