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Gay Video: Romantic and Passionate on their First Date

Perhaps one of the most popular vids I posted here is about a passionate love of of two gay men; I posted it a couple of years ago and it still get a lot of views up to this day.

Today, I’ll share to you one of my really favorite vids. They fucked during their first date (I think many of us do, LOL!) it’s so sweet I’ve watched this vid so many times, the top dude is super hot he’s got a hung and beautiful cock. :)

Romantic and Passionate Gay Lovemaking

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4 comments to Gay Video: Romantic and Passionate on their First Date

  • My goodness, this relationship sure moves quickly. We go from 1st date to “Will you date me wedding rings”. WTF? That being said, that is a HOT HOT HOT tub. Rich people have all the cool things.

  • Daniel

    I hear ya Michael I just went on a first date to a movie with my girlfriend Megan and after it we went to my house when my parents weren’t home and we started making out. But we didn’t have sex because we where only like in high school but when we get married I will hump her so hard. Just like the brown headed dude dude to the blonde dude.

  • Carlos

    Usally guys become gay if they can’t find the girl made for them. Isn’t that right?

  • […] ID This Tall Hunk Hey can anyone ID this tall hunk or the video itself? really hot Gay Video: Romantic and Passionate on their First Date | A Naked Guy – Naked Guys, Hot Videos and Ga… […]

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