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Perfection: Ivan Pisecky

I just died and went to heaven.

18-year old jock Ivan Pisecky here is just too hot for porn. Look at his inviting lips and that lazy bedroom eyes, it could melt you forever. He’s a very popular quarterback on his Freshmen football team for obvious reasons. I wanna hug his tight ripped body and rest my head on his well chiseled abs while nibbling his perfect uncut dick! You can see more photos and watch videos of Ivan here…

More photos of Ivan after the jump!

Ivan Pisecky

Ivan Pisecky

Continue to Ivan’s Nude Pics…

Ivan Pisecky

Ivan Pisecky

You can see more photos and videos of Ivan here…

8 comments to Perfection: Ivan Pisecky

  • wow…just wow..this guy if fucking hot! he leaves me speachless!!! what website did he come form??

  • Chet

    Ivan you are so good looking i dont know how anybody would not like you. You are very good looking and i wish i could sleep with you

  • Rach Aholic

    im laughing hysterically at some comments people post…
    like Ivan is actually going to read this blog…….. rofllllll yet they talk to him like he is here rofllll

  • Nico

    he looks like the guy in spartacus series in HBO the one that rivals spartacus.

  • scalphastud

    I love his furry hole.

  • michael

    he is so good looking guy. i like his cock

  • NINA

    Some say they like the furry hole. Some say they like the cock. Some feel it’s waste to comment because Ivan might not read. But I say, saying anything for him isn’t a waste. Because he’s lovely from head to toe. Lucky will be those who can kiss every inch of him. What’s there in him which we need not like. Look at the smile, so intoxicating. Where can we stop and what else can we right!