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Video: Blowing a Hung Straight Guy

I think a hot blowjob is the best way to introduce a straight guy to the wonderful world of gay sex. I mean, it’s what gay guys do best right? Check out this video, it seems that this hung straight jock is having the time of his life while being sucked. And I’m sure he’s thinking to himself that no woman could do it better than this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this hot lad comes back for more gay orals!

Blowing a Hung Straight Guy

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11 comments to Video: Blowing a Hung Straight Guy

  • Terry

    heey u are so cute and sexy

  • kym

    I could suck his cock for hours… and sit on it also for hours and taste his cum. YUM

  • the queen

    Very hot and sexy straight guy. I am an old queen too. It makes me think of myself. I like sucking young straight guy too.

  • Ben

    Just because he wears a t-shirt that says STRAIGHT doesn’t mean he is…. hell he’s hard just taking off his pants…a real straight guy wouldn’t be … there’s more solo action than blowing….if the guy really is straight he won’t come back to a gay guy for his next blow job… his girlfriend can do just as well…nice cum shot and a really nice quick retreat

  • Spirit

    Wow… Sexy dick… his name is dickson? Muaks! Luv IT! Come fuck me com’on

  • GARY

    Very hot video loved the occassional blowjob and really like the cum shot—what a load–lookd great.

  • funsicles

    Great cock, but he’s definitely not straight given how he was holding that old guy’s arm and stroking his arm and back during his blow job. Pretty shitty blow job too. I would have sucked him continuously, swallowed his load, and sucked him back to hard at least three times. Ha ha, mouth cramps be damned!

  • strap

    Straight men seem to be able to get off no matter who is going down on them, i am gay and couldnt even get it up with a woman blowing me, mainly because women give terrible head, my wife, my ex girlfriends, before i came out

  • strap

    I used to own a couple of adult bookstores, the straight guys would cum in on their lunch hour and let anything that was breathing do them, gay men are more particular, for the most part