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Naked Guys Selfies
Naked Guy Selfie
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Video: Straight Guys Having Fun in Party

I can’t tell if they are really into each other or if they are just fooling around. But 2 straight guys dancing totally naked in front of many is not I would typically call “fooling around”. Their audience seem pretty cool about it though. The video is hot and funny nevertheless. Enjoy!

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Straight Guys Having Fun in Party
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11 comments to Video: Straight Guys Having Fun in Party

  • derrick

    they are most likely fooling around

  • hubba hubba

    I feel kinda bad for them

  • Those crazy Scotsmen sure know how to have a good time! Wish I was there!

  • tj

    they have nothing under the pants, nor under their shirts. only professional strippers do that.

  • Ben

    What tj? Ur a fool! I don’t know anyone that ever wears an undershirt, and I’m pretty sure everyone I know isn’t a professional stripper!

  • strokerbo

    Just a typical saturday night in any British Rugby Club:)

  • Kewl

    I was told a long time ago these were Aussie guys. I think they’re the uninhibited type that would try this.

  • Tim

    can i subscribe/get emailed posts from this blog???

  • IamRu1too

    @TJ, I only wear underwear when I work and I never wear undershirts unless it is part of the outfit I am wearing (never white). Regardless…. this guys were having a great time, and yes, I am sure this was planned, considering there were several guys in the same outfit. I have several straight British and Ausie friends – they tell me that they get naked around each other all the time, kiss each other “full-on”, and there is nothing sexual about it. Sadly, it is us uptight, prudish Americans that don’t know how to have a good time and make everything we see/do sexual in nature. Let us learn from them, PLEASE!!! ;-) Peace, love, fun and happiness to everyone in the coming year!

  • adam jones

    lmfao at all you aruguing over some men having a laff when there drunk