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Video: Want It Big?

Pierre exhibited his great cocksucking skills when he sumptuously devoured gorgeous Brad’s juicy cock and Brad returned the favor by fucking the hell out of Pierre. Hot vid!

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24 comments to Video: Want It Big?

  • Scott

    Who is the spikey haired guy?

  • mark

    you guys are sick take porn off the internet first this and now teens are in porn too you people are tryfoline porn is immoral let jesus in your hearet and if you dont like then when you die youll have all the immorality and suffering you like burn in hell and the lake of fire

  • mark

    you tell’m i use to like porn but it made me feel guilty and nasty after i was done watching ,it is sick
    and a immoral sexual sin which will lead you no where if you like porn any kind of porn so much keep it becuse it wont give you everlasting peace or pleasure just guilt i just came on this website to say this like i did on lot of other porn sites to stop this sick stuff its getting to are children and that ain right now the next porn site im going to im going to put more detail you see i have cancer and i got until my birthday feb 27 and i just wanted to do this to ac least a few porn sites before you know sex is good in moderation but porn is sin and guilt and wrong bye

  • mark

    sick people of the world clense yourself of porn and accept christ hes way better than porn in heaven is clean and everlasting pleasure and your family and love and no pain everything you cold ask

  • Prince Of Darkness

    Man I love this video let me know if ye put any more on here mate I love Pierre Fitch

  • jon

    oh baby jessus i think iv been saved , bless ye for theees holy movie

  • enoch

    FUCK JESUS you assholes worship false prophets and murder people in their name child raping priests who tell homosexuals they will burn in hell unless they repent ???? Burn in hell mark

  • lonely_joe

    hmmm…….believe it or not, i loved every inch of the film *grin*

  • chris

    Mark… you really enjoy watching porn… don’t you.. :) You sit down watch all the movie… and after cumming all around the place you just feel so bad about yourself that makes you want to make all people feel bad… I feel sorry about you..

  • Doug

    If you dont fuckin like the porn then why are you on the damn porn site…fuckin dum ass

  • Ryan

    Hmmm…. Mark, you are on this website because? Your browser magically took you to this page. Yeah, I didn’t think so. HYPOCRITE.

  • Erique

    Mark/Marks, This is a website SOLELY dedicated to GAY PORN! So, why the heck are you here if your SOOOO against it? And good luck trying to “convert” people away from porn. You’d have better luck asking priests to stop molesting little kids. So PLEASE take your stupid comments and thoughts and post them on an ANTI-PORN forum, because here, your comments are WORTHLESS! Kthanksbye!

    P.S. – I enjoyed every second of the vid, it was a WONDERFUL jerk!

    P.S.S. – Try jerkin’ it sometime, maybe you’ll be less up tight.

    P.S.S.S. – I agree with Ryan, you are a BIG hypocrite!


  • JustaNewbie

    Mark, shut up!! If you read the bible, you’d know that not one sin is greater than another Sin, so stop making it seem like only Gay people are horrible and should go to hell and stuff. I don’t remember God giving other people the right to say who’s going to heaven or hell. I don’t remember God saying it’s ok to talk about others and judge them for who they are. I don’t remember god saying it’s ok to mistreat Gay people but people who are greedy, envious, mean, hateful, violent, it’s ok to let them go by? I don’t think so. Like I said earlier, one sin is not greater than another sin, so quit making religious fuss over being gay!! I hate it when people bring religion in on being gay and don’t even know the bible. And remember, you’re born sinful, so it doesn’t matter what you do when you’re alive so why pick on a specific group? Ugh!! Religious idiots.

  • mike Trip

    Langya.,nakakalibog naman!!! Sana magkahanap din ako ng makakasex ko (Cavite area).,pm me at trip.ko69@yahoo.com

  • Armando

    Fuck Yeahh! I Love This Video Sexy As Hell I…What Single Guy Is Looking For another guy to fuck? Im Avalable and im straight up gay!

  • matt

    Question @ Mark, If your so against all this wtf are you even doing on this site? Regardless if your gonna die or not your being a complete hypocrite.

  • Shane

    Hey Mark i wanna Fuck you in the Dark……….

  • Valentine

    ugh stupid religious freaks! whatever its nothing but a hairflip.
    btw great video loved every second :D

  • Mark

    Hey other mark go Get a giant cock in your ass

  • cum lover

    mark go fuck yourself u religious cunt, why did you even come to this site and watch it . guys come here to get off , you wanker . Hopefully god cums all over you and u get drowned in it . This video is hot

  • richard

    mark you and others like you make me puke dont come here if you dont like what you see, jesus hung out with 12 guys were they all straight guys then? fucking hypocrite

  • richard

    by the way ive watched this video twice