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Naked Guys Selfies
Naked Guy Selfie
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Feeds – CFNM TV

Sportsmen Tested to their Limits
CFNM TV - Sportsmen Tested to their Limits
The female students are determined to test the two dumb sportsmen to the limit. Using their sexual arousal against them, they decide to make them do something that both men will find disgusting and painful. The women’s scientific curiosity knows no bounds…

Hunky Quarterbacks Bound to the Floor
CFNMTV - Hunky Quarterbacks Bound to the Floor
The clever young students have sexually teased the men showing them a porn video and stimulating their genitals until they are in a frenzied state of arousal. The quarterbacks can now think of nothing else but getting off, but…

In The Lothario
CFNMTV - In The Lothario
Paulo’s arse is in agony as the furious manager takes out her anger by roughly penetrating him. She’s determined to exact revenge for breaking her heart. And with her colleagues help, will ensure the young man is totally humiliated and broken…

Humiliating Hot Hunk Paulo
CFNM - Martin Tildesley Punishment
Paulo has been working hard on the manager – using his wiles to win her over. She has succumbed to his flirtations and he is close to closing the deal. But the other women in the bank aren’t as easily conned and soon…

Footballers Humiliated in Front of Women
CFNMTV - Footballers Humiliated in Front of Women
Jack has never been so humiliated in his whole life. He had no idea when he made wild claims about Abi that he was being overheard. Well now she and Tara have the upper hand. Manacled to the floor on his hands and knees…

American Football
CFNMTV - American Football
Team physio Abi is tending to Carl’s aching body. Professional as always she massages the muscular athlete while he fantasises about what he’d do to the attractive woman given half a chance. Her tender ministrations have embarrassing consequences when…

Hunky Farmhand Abused
CFNM TV - Hunky Farmhand Abused
It’s important the students learn as much as they can about farming techniques so they’ll be able to answer the questions on their worksheets. But their eyes widen in surprise when they see the hunky farmhand trussed up next to…

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