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Naked Guys Selfies
Naked Guy Selfie
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Feeds – EricDeman

Naked European Soldiers
Eric Deman - Naked European Soldiers
EricDeman has a hot video of Eastern European soldiers filming themselves stark naked being drenched with buckets of water…

Truckers Caught Pissing
EricDeman - Truckers Caught Pissing
EricDeman has new videos spying on truckers pissing by the side of the road. Some drivers are so lazy they lean out of their van to whip their dicks out and let it flow…

Bored Straight Lads on a Warm Summer Day
Eric Deman - Bored Straight Lads on a Warm Summer Day
These guys dare each other to bungee wedgie. The only problem is, once this horny fella is dangling by his skivvies from the tree he can’t get himself down. His friends rip his shorts off and leave him dangling fully…

Hot Naked Sports Team
EricDeman - Hot Naked Sports Team
When a hot naked sports team decides to celebrate there should always be a camera filming it! EricDeman has a new video of this group of sportsmen singing and dancing in nothing but their footy shorts or tight-fitting…

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