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Naked Guys Selfies
Naked Guy Selfie
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Video: Amateur Big-Dicked Boys

I love straight boys doing gay things so this is actually a personal favorite. I love the “awkward” look of the shy boy (the one in blue shirt) when his buddy started touching his cock.

Amateur Big-Dicked Boys

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15 comments to Video: Amateur Big-Dicked Boys

  • Ractorspring

    This is so adorable. What real reactions! That second guy is trying to be a good sport but he’s genuinely so uncomfortable. awww… i hope the money was worth it. i actually believe the second guy claims to be straight off camera, atleast before this experience. but you can tell he loves it! the shy guy is super cute! I wonder if this is what all those anti-gays mean by trying to turn the straights…

  • gay people are evil

    im a girl and i googled hot naked guys and unfortunately this is the first site that appears on search result. i think man having sex with his fellow man is so DISGUSTING!!!!


  • mister_fb

    I love being evil

  • Nick

    9-7-11.These two guys cared about each other,and that made it special to me.I do enjoy seeing people who do care about each other.I think that IS important.

  • Tom

    @ gay people are evil,
    Well it’s your own damn fault that your here then isn’t it ¬.¬

  • foolishgirl

    the one in blue shirt is god damn hoooot….is it only me or he really looks like young hugh grant in maurice?
    oh,yeah,for gay people are evil: im a straight girl who really wanna be that blond boy so i can fuck the boy in blue shirt’s ass up and up until he cried out…trololololol….(im serious)

  • Pete

    @gay people are evil
    Like a piece of shit like you even matters. Since you’re a girl why don’t you go cut yourself or make yourself throw up or whatever you cunts do.

  • Joseph Gonzales


  • Joseph Gonzales


  • like2getsucked

    Having sex with girls is not easy so many guys opt 2 hve sex wide other guys

  • Kenneth

    This video is, for me, very refreshing. We just don’t see guys masturbate each other to conclusion. I would bet that the viewres would like to see more of this kind of sexual activity. I know that I would.
    The dark haired guy in the dark blue shirt is really quite stunnining. He’s slender and tight bodied with broad square shoulders that taper down to a narrow waist. He has an impressive pubic bush and well developed thighs. His penis is well over six inches with well developed testicles. I repeat, he’s really quite stunning.
    His ejaculation, however, is disappointing. He should have shown more passion and body movement. I think he probably held back. being first time etc.
    Here’s how I would have taken care of him. I would have knelt down BETWEEN his legs, so that his inner thighs were touchin my bare sides. I wouls incorporate my free hand to stroke and caress his shoulders, nipples, pecs and abs all the time that I was stroking his penis. Then, as he builds toward that very special moment, I would lift and stroke and fondle his testicles until he ejaculates. His orgasm would have been many times more intence. Using many different positions and techniques, this is how I take care of my buds. Guys, (and gals for that matter) learn the fine art of administering masurbation for your guys and they will enjoy you and return for more. I guarantee it. I speak from much evperience.

  • ric

    hot. reminds me of my days in the boys home.

  • hotmale22

    to gays are evil

    Hun its not our fault ugly girls like u turn men gay. Why dont u go suck ur dads cock after hes done fucking ur uncle bitch!! How dare u insult us when ur on here watching gay videos… Stupid cunt

  • Hot vids guys, love them! so horny