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Video: Servicing Cute Straight Jock

The intro is quite lengthy, but you may jump straight to 4:30 to get into the jerk-off. Or 6:45 for the blowjob. It’s nice to see this hot jock’s dick grow bigger and bigger in lust!

Video from Gay Sex site

Servicing Cute Straight Jock

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14 comments to Video: Servicing Cute Straight Jock

  • BULL


  • Cute kid , good body , fab pits & his pubes are ace

  • you sey hot dudes need to send me pics o yo naked. I love gay sex!

  • i wanted the video of sticky naked men .

  • norman

    your videos use to work but will not load anymore help

  • Where’s the excitement, where’s the passion? When I masturbate a guy,which is very frequently, he writhes and squirms, moans and groans with little whimpers and sighs. And then treats me to the most exquisite orgam. The passion is extreme. In this video, I just as well maturbate a mannequin. I’d see as much passion.

  • Ahriman

    @ Kenneth

    You are describing gay interaction. This is not that.

    In my experience in general straight guys do not like to reciprocate. Most of them do not mind getting a blow job by a gay guy though, while watching porn, like in this vid.
    But they show no passion, because the one that is blowing them is only a means to an end. They want to shoot their load, because they are horny and that is it.

    Most of them do not even want to touch you, because it feels weird to them. Look for example at the body language of the stud. Look at how this guy is keeping his arms away from the one servicing him. Everything in this vid proves to me that this is the real thing. It is not an act like you see in most vids. This guy is really straight, but not homophobic, and willing to let himself be serviced by a gay guy.

    To me this vid is incredibly erotic, because it reminds me of how privileged I felt when I was allowed to give blowjobs to a few beautiful straight friends.

  • Jake Alexander

    oh so good..who was to have sex im horny..

  • Ben

    Kenneth…you are so right. This really is a straight guy being paid…probably handsomely…to do this video…and you know he’s watching straight porn. I’m with you on this one Kenneth…it’s good stuff and really real.

  • gaynomadic

    Nice but would have liked ALL the cum to have blown on the guys’chest,not half in the other guy’s mouth, which means we don’t get to see it….otherwise, pretty sexy stuff.